Spiral Apparatus
Spiral bending tool which can easily be mounted on current rebar bending machines makes it possible to conduct swift and practical spiral bending without the need for special spiral bending machines. Although it differs in accordance with the machine it is mounted to, it can conduct spiral, circle and half circle bending with minimum 180 mm (B 26), and maximum infinite diameter (half circle bending). 
Machinery on which spiral bending tool can be mounted and minimum spiral diameters
B 26, BD 26 - 180 mm
B 36, BS 36, BD 36, MAX 40, EURO 36 - 280 mm
B 45, BS 45, BD 45 - 280 mm
B 50, BS 50, BD 50- 280 mm
BS 60, BD 60, MG 62 B - 350 mm
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